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Blogging and Google Reader: The Missing Link

In my previous post I talked about the impending shutdown of Google Reader in July and I listed some of the features that I’d like to see in a Google Reader replacement.  One of the major missing pieces in the … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Google Reader Wishlist?

This week Google announced that by July, their Google Reader service will be a memory. A number of companies have stepped up to the plate with announcements of services.  This includes companies like Digg and Feedly.  My current RSS reader … Continue reading

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Mining RSS Feeds For Cancer News

I sometimes get asked how I keep up to date with various discoveries and technologies.  The simple answer is: RSS feeds.  What’s RSS?  The short answer is, it’s a means to collect news articles and journal articles without having to … Continue reading

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Creating a Journal Club With Google Reader

One of the challenges of working in an industry that moves at the speed of light is keeping up with all of the changes.  I mentioned to a several friends of mine that I’m a heavy user of Google Reader … Continue reading

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