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What Grails 3 Brings To The Research Informatics Lab

In my previous post, I talked about the current state of the Grails platform and what it brings to the Research Informatics environment.  In this post, I’ll discuss some of the features in the upcoming Grails 3 release, and the potential impact … Continue reading

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Why Grails Makes Sense in Research Informatics

During our last San Diego Informatics Forum lunch meeting, we had an interesting discussion about the JavaScript frameworks that we use.  During the course of the discussion, we drifted into the topic of the development stacks that we use — … Continue reading

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Grails In An Assay Development Setting

Grails’ ease-of-use makes it an ideal framework for rapid application development.  In most businesses governed by the simple Time = Money equation, the ability to quickly create a fully functional web application that can be deployed on the Java platform … Continue reading

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