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Blogging and Google Reader: The Missing Link

In my previous post I talked about the impending shutdown of Google Reader in July and I listed some of the features that I’d like to see in a Google Reader replacement.  One of the major missing pieces in the … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Google Reader Wishlist?

This week Google announced that by July, their Google Reader service will be a memory. A number of companies have stepped up to the plate with announcements of services.  This includes companies like Digg and Feedly.  My current RSS reader … Continue reading

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Mining RSS Feeds For Cancer News

I sometimes get asked how I keep up to date with various discoveries and technologies.  The simple answer is: RSS feeds.  What’s RSS?  The short answer is, it’s a means to collect news articles and journal articles without having to … Continue reading

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Social Media for Scientists: It’s All About Sharing

I’ve blogged before about how scientists can use social media like Mendeley, Twitter and Google Reader to share information.  Since social media is all about sharing, how can we make the act of sharing information easier?  Recently, a colleague of … Continue reading

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Creating a Journal Club With Google Reader

One of the challenges of working in an industry that moves at the speed of light is keeping up with all of the changes.  I mentioned to a several friends of mine that I’m a heavy user of Google Reader … Continue reading

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The Road To Mendeley

I’m sure Kipling will forgive me for hacking the title of his poem, but I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with Mendeley as part of my ongoing “Free Software for Scientists” blog series.  Although Mendeley is not completely … Continue reading

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