Notes from San Diego KNIME User Group Meeting

This week Brock Luty of Dart Neuroscience hosted the first San Diego KNIME User Group meeting.  Michael Berthold, one of the founders of KNIME, came down from San Francisco to deliver a briefing

Mark Donnelly of XIFIN demonstrated how a business that had formerly been run on a series of linked spreadsheets, was able to use KNIME to collect financial data, analyze past performance and predict future performance using a predictive analytics model that he created in KNIME.

George Nicola of UCSD’s Mike Gilson Lab demonstrated how a workflow could be used to identify potential targets for a compound using a model based on the chemical fingerprints of compounds.  The workflow was trained with sets of compounds that were grouped into “active”, and “inactive” compounds.  Where active compounds showed activity against dopamine receptors.  The workflow examined the fingerprints of these compounds, and compared them with libraries of compounds, and when combined with DrugBank data was able to identify the previously unknown targets for compounds.

Lastly, Alex Guazzelli of Zementis presented on ADAPA (a platform for real-time scoring) and on UPPI ( a means for scoring either within your database, or within Hadoop).


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I write software for scientists. I'm interested in Java/Groovy/Grails, the Semantic Web and Cancer Biology.
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