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Ideas from the Cytoscape Workshop

During the recent Cytoscape workshop, I started out re-acquainting myself with Cytoscape and learning about some of the new features.  As I did so, I found myself accumulating a wishlist of features that I thought I would share: Using Templates … Continue reading

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Tips for Better PubMed Searches

PubMed is one of those tools that everyone uses but not everyone uses it well.  Usually your enthusiasm for investigating the search results will wane after the third or fourth page of results. Here are a few tips for making … Continue reading

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Notes from the Cytoscape Workshop

Recently, the Sanford Burnham Consortium hosted a workshop on Cytoscape.  Cytoscape is a tool for representing networks.  It’s primary users are biologists wanting to understand different types of biological networks, but it can also be used for computer networks, or … Continue reading

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